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The Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul

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Celebrating with Sr Józefa at 106 years old
19 mars, par Toma’
[Province of Warsaw] On March 12, 2018, Daughter of Charity St Vincent de Paul, Sister Józefa Słupińska, celebrated 106 years of age. She lives in the Provincial House of the Daughters of Charity in Warsaw. Sister Józefa comes from Wieluń, Poland. She tells us that the joy of her and her whole  (...)
Diocesan Day at Sousse (Tunis)
17 mars, par Toma’
[Province of Spain – South] On January 20, 2018 parishioners from all of Tunis Diocese met in Sousse to participate in the Diocesan Day convened by the Bishop. The two Daughters of Charity communities from Tunis and Sfax participated as well as the Vincentians Priests from Lagoulette and Sousse,  (...)
Rabat (Morocco) Vocations’ Week Encounter
11 mars, par Toma’
[Province of Spain–South] The weekend of January 13 and 14, took place in Rabat, one of the two annual meetings that the Diocese of Rabat offers to young people with vocational concerns. Perhaps you could ask : A vocational encounter in a Muslim country ? The diocese of Rabat is a rich Church in  (...)
“Giving quality of presence and intervention in the Penitentiary Centres”
8 mars, par Toma’
[Province of Madrid Saint Louise – Spain] Here is a short bit of information, making a brief tour, about the last formation meetings of the Penitentiary Pastoral team with the Spanish Episcopal Conference ; and Secretariat of Penitentiary Pastoral Ministry of Alcala de Henares (Madrid). Although  (...)
Witness of Mission to the Haitians – Belo Horizonte- Minas Gerais, Brazil
5 mars, par Toma’
[Province of Brazil – Belo Horizonte] In the industrial city of Contagem and Betim, belonging to Belo Horizonte, capital of the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil, many Haitians arrive weekly. When a Haitian manages to stabilize with home and employment, they immediately save money to send to  (...)
Closing of the Centennial Anniversary of Huerta de la Cruz School – Algeciras
1er mars, par Toma’
[Province of Spain-South] The Closing Ceremony of the Centennial of Huerta de la Cruz School was held on 20th of January. This event put the finishing touches on a year of celebrations to pay homage to all those who have made it possible for the Centre to become an educational focus for  (...)
A little contribution remembering Sister Suzanne Guillemin, DC
28 février, par Toma’
[Province of San Vincenzo Italia] On the 50th Anniversary of the death of Sister Suzanne Guillemin I would like to express some thoughts but, above all, leave a word about the one who lives in our memories as a “Prophet” of the Little Company. Today as yesterday her testimony of life and her  (...)
Education for Formators
23 février, par Toma’
[Province of Our Lady of the Mission – South America] A Session for Formators was held from January 7 – 30 in Asunción (Paraguay). It was attended by Sr. Cantalicia from Paraguay, Sr. Virginia from Argentina, Srs. Lila and Isela from Argentina and Sr. Claudia from Chile. Starting from their own  (...)
Networking in the “Patronato Sagrado Corazón” School (Cartagena)
13 février, par Toma’
[Province of Madrid – Santa Luisa] An Intercultural Community Process of networking has been developed since 2014 in Historic Casco and Station Sector of Cartagena. Many groups including representatives of the cultural diversity of these neighbourhoods have participated. In the community process  (...)
WORLD DAY OF MIGRANTS, 14 January at Berceau of St. Vincent de Paul
2 février, par Toma’
[Province of Belgium France Switzerland] The Team for the pastoral care of migrants has chosen to carry out this apostolate in Berceau of St. Vincent de Paul ; since the closure of Calais, some migrants have been welcomed in CAO. Today all have been redirected to the CADA of Mont-de-Marsan and  (...)

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